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Cai Shen Ye Mascot For Hire Singapore

In a few more weeks or actually, in less than a month it will be the time of the year, the season where I’m sure 80% of us love and look forward to. That’s right! Chinese New Year is just around the corner and this means that it is the time for all your must-have Chinese new year snacks and angpaos during visitation.

Roving cai shen ye mascot

This season is the most happening time of the year anywhere and everywhere you go!  Whether it is in your schools, offices, homes or even shopping malls. I bet you are starting to hear all the Chinese new year songs playing in stores and decorations being put up around your neighborhood.

Well, the good news is we have something fun, exciting and engaging for you this Chinese New Year!

Cai Shen Ye Mascot Promo 2021

CNY mascot Singapore

Invite our God of Fortune to your home/office this coming Chinese new year to bring you wealth and abundance of good fortune! ! 💵🧧🎉
🔥30mins Roving God of Fortune Mascot!
🔥Inclusive of manpower & minder!
🔥Photo-taking with mascot!
🔥Interaction with God of Fortune!
🔥Gold chocolate coin giveaway!
$128/- (costume rental only – self collect & return)
$168/- (30mins session)
$198/- (1 hour session)

This Chinese New Year,  let’s not allow our spirits to be dampened by the current pandemic that is happening but let’s celebrate and cherish every moment we have that we get to spend with our loved ones.  To boost the atmosphere and vibes for this season, we have our Cai Shen Ye aka the God of Fortune mascot for hire!  What’s even better is that we are giving a huge discount on our Cai Shen Ye mascot making it even more affordable for you!

Roving CNY mascots

Surprise your colleagues during your Chinese New Year party and celebration or even your family members and relatives during visitations,  allowing our Cai Shen Ye to bring you great wealth and prosperity as the year begins!

Get a chance to interact and snap some photos with our Cai Shen Ye mascot up close this year!

Apart from our Cai Shen Ye mascot rental, we also have fun and crafty art and craft activities that allow you and your relatives, to spend some good quality time together creating your own artwork!

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God of Fortune Mascot Rental in Singapore

Our popular Cai Shen Ye (aka God of Fortune) Mascot has appeared in more than 10 Chinese New Year events last month! From welcoming the guest, appearance with VIP, table hoping, roving around the event and giving out free chocolate gold coins and red packets with 4D numbers, our interactive Cai Shen Ye has never failed to put a smile on everyone’s faces!

Watch your guest rush over to our god of fortune mascot just to take a “Selfie” with him!

Roving God of Fortune Mascot Rental Singapore Cai Shen Ye for Hire Roving God of Fortune Roving interactive cai shen ye Roving Cai Shen Ye Hire Roving Cai Shen Ye Cai Shen Ye Mascot Rental

Cai Shen Mascot Costume Rental

You can choose to hire just the mascot costume itself and get a volunteer wear the costume, or you can hire our manpower to be in the mascot as well!

Our upcoming Easter Bunny Mascot when arrive in Singapore by the end of the month… Just in time for Easter Day! More photos of our mascot rental will be updated on our website and Instagram! Follow us @partypeoplesg 

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