Traditional Ice Cream Cart Rental

Traditional Ice Cream Cart has been one of the most popular request for many events in Singapore! Who doesn’t love getting FREE ice cream at an event? With lots of different flavours to choose from, Party People also offers different types of modern ice cream as well!

We serve 2 different types of traditional ice cream. Firstly, our usual traditional ice cream comes in scoop, 4 flavours and we served it in cups, waffle cones and rainbow bread. Also, we serve traditional sliced ice cream as well that comes with more than 10 different flavours! Simply contact our sales assistant for more information!

Traditional Ice Cream Cart (Scoop Ice Cream)

Served in Cups, Cones, Rainbow Bread
4 Flavours include: Chocolate, Coconut, Attap Seed, Sweet Corn

Traditional Ice Cream Cart (Sliced Ice Cream)

Served in Cups, Waffle, Rainbow Bread
Flavours: Yam, Chocolate, Sweet corn, Mint Choc Chip, Mango, Tutti Fruit, Chocolate Chip, Durian, Ripple, Nata De Coco, Red Bean, Vanilla, Mocha-Chip, Blueberry, Strawberry

Inclusive of:
– Delivery and set up!
– One manpower to serve!
– Delicious ice cream that melts in your mouth!
– Choice of cup, waffle biscuit or rainbow bread!
– Dismantle and collection of equipment!

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Testimonial from Carousell

(Event: Carousell Land Carnival 2018)

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