Muah Chee Live Food Station

Party People Muah Chee live food station is an all time favourite loved by Singaporeans! Choose from peanut, black sesame or mixed (Yuan Yang) muah chee! Engage our tasty mochi muah chee live station in Singapore and we serve you fresh and hot from the pot. Below is the price of our muah chee live station:

Muah Chee Live Food Station

Muah Chee Live Station Singapore

Muah Chee Live Station

Inclusive of:
– Delivery and Set up!
– Tasty traditional Muah Chee served hot and fresh on the spot!
– One young and lively manpower to serve!
– Dismantle and Collection of Equipment!

Peanut Muah Chee Live Station

Our traditional peanut muah chee is the number 1 most popular choice! Our peanut muah chee live station are cut and mixed fresh on the spot, so that we can serve every guest with a warm and tasty muah chee at your event!

Live Muah Chee Station Singapore

Mauh Chee Live Station

Black Sesame Muah Chee Live Station

Unlike many other companies, Party People offers black sesame muah chee live station as well! Mixed fresh on the spot, every plate is served warm with a generous portion of sesame.

Black Sesame Muah Chee Live Food Station

Mixed Yuan Yang Muah Chee Live Station

Can’t decide which flavours to choose? So why not have both! Our mixed yuan yang muah chee live station comes with 2 muah chee live station operators, and mix separately on the spot! Served warm in a cone cup, contact us to hire now!

Yuan Yang Muah Chee Live Food Station


Pre-packaged muah chee

Pre Pack Muah Chee Catering

Party People offers pre packaged muah chee as well! Minimum order of 100 pax, contact us to enquire now!


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