Indoor Bubble Show

The Party Bubble Show is a delightful and whimsical performance that captivates audiences of all ages with its enchanting display of bubbles. Imagine being surrounded by a dazzling array of giant bubbles, each shimmering with iridescent colors and dancing gracefully through the air.

  • Includes putting birthday kids/VIP in bubble
  • Duration: Approx 45 minutes
  • Includes audience participation
Neon Bubble Show

Outdoor Bubble Show

The show features a variety of bubble tricks and sculptures, from intricate bubble shapes to mesmerizing bubble formations that seem to defy gravity! As the bubbles float and glide across the stage, spectators are transported into a magical world where imagination knows no bounds!

  • Requires all fans to be switched off at the stage area
  • Duration: Approx 30 minutes
  • Includes audience participation
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