Caricature Artist for Hire in Singapore

What is caricature art?

A caricature art is a drawing of a person or object where the features and forms of the subject are distorted and exaggerated. Despite that, you will still be able to tell that the artist is drawing that subject as there is an identifiable visual likeness in the drawing. Think of BIG cartoon head and small cartoon drawing of yourself… That’s caricature art!

Caricature art has been a thing in recent days as people love to have a caricature drawing of them and their loved ones and keep it for keepsake. What’s better than having a caricature artist at your event that will be able to draw your guests and allow each of your guests to bring home a souvenir?

Here are some examples from our previous clients by our in-house EXTREMELY FAST “2 hands” caricaturist, Welles! Using 2 hands to draw, We guarantee your guests will be impressed and entertained as he complete each drawing within 3-5mins only!

Professional Caricature Service

Caricature Artist

Cartoon Drawing Artist for Hire

Party People have professional Caricature artists that will be able to perform their specialty at your event. Be it whether it is for a birthday party , or a family gathering or Receive a drawing of yourself today from our artist!

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