God of Fortune Mascot Rental in Singapore

Our popular Cai Shen Ye (aka God of Fortune) Mascot has appeared in more than 10 Chinese New Year events last month! From welcoming the guest, appearance with VIP, table hoping, roving around the event and giving out free chocolate gold coins and red packets with 4D numbers, our interactive Cai Shen Ye has never failed to put a smile on everyone’s faces!

Watch your guest rush over to our god of fortune mascot just to take a “Selfie” with him!

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Cai Shen Mascot Costume Rental

You can choose to hire just the mascot costume itself and get a volunteer wear the costume, or you can hire our manpower to be in the mascot as well!

Our upcoming Easter Bunny Mascot when arrive in Singapore by the end of the month… Just in time for Easter Day! More photos of our mascot rental will be updated on our website and Instagram! Follow us @partypeoplesg 

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