Large Drink Dispenser Rental in Singapore

50L Drink Dispenser Rental in Singapore

Party People offers large drink dispenser rental in Singapore. Our 50L drink dispenser can dispenser can keep the drinks cold throughout the event, and serve up to 200 cups per dispenser. Renting a drink dispenser in Singapore can be advantageous for various reasons:

Large Drink Dispenser Rental in Singapore

  1. Cost-effective: Renting a drink dispenser is often more affordable than purchasing one, especially if you only need it for occasional events or parties. It allows you to save money and allocate your budget to other aspects of your event.
  2. Convenience: Renting eliminates the need for storage and maintenance. Once your event is over, you can simply return the drink dispenser to the rental company, avoiding the hassle of finding storage space and cleaning it afterward.
  3. Wide variety: We offer a wide range of drink flavours options to suit different event requirements. You can choose from various syrup drinks, thai milk tea, soft drinks and many more!
  4. Flexibility: Renting gives you the flexibility to scale up or down based on the size of your event. Whether it’s a small gathering or a large corporate function, you can easily rent multiple drink dispensers to accommodate your guest count.
  5. Professional assistance: Our large drink dispenser rental includes delivery and setup services, ensuring a smooth beverage service experience.
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Drink Flavours

  • Syrup Drink Flavours: Fruit Punch, Honeydew, Blackcurrent, Raspberry, Mango, Pineapple, Pink Guava, Soursop, Rose
  • Premium Drink Flavours: Thai Ice Milk Tea, Green Thai Ice Milk Tea
  • Soft Drinks: Ice Lemon Tea, Apple Juice, Orange Juice, Green Tea, Winter melon, Soya Bean, Bandung Drink, Soya bean, Grass Jelly etc

Don’t see the drink flavours you want? Simply enquire with our friendly sales assistant and let us know the flavours you like to have!

Large Drink Dispenser Rental in Singapore

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