Takoyaki Live Food Station

Takoyaki is one of Japan’s best known street food originated from Osaka. Instead of travelling to Japan just to enjoy this snack, we have it here to satisfy your cravings!

Our takoyaki is served hot so that the pleasant aroma will be captured and making it an addictive snack.You can choose between either crab stick, prawn or plain Takoyaki balls and it is still deliciously topped with seaweed, katsuobushi flakes and drizzled with takoyaki sauce, making your palate bursting with flavours of joy!

Do not miss out the flavours of Osaka and try a bite with us!

Live Takoyaki Station


Takoyaki Live Food Station

Inclusive of:
– Delivery and Set up!
– One manpower to serve!
– Takoyaki served with bonito flakes (katsuobushi) and takoyaki sauce!
– Dismantle and Collection of Equipment!

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