Roving Santa Claus / Cai Shen Ye

Have a huge festive season coming up? Can you hear the sounds of jingle bells and the sounds of your incoming cha-ching ang pao money? 

Now, to add on and hype up your spirits for this season, we have roving mascots available to enhance your celebration this year. Time for you and your loved ones to have a time of the year with our mascot’s appearance!

For Christmas, we have Santa Claus available to fulfill your childhood dream of receiving your dream gift from Santa. Not only that, besides munching on those cookies and log cakes in Christmas, we have Gingerbread man mascot that can surprise you with its cute looking appearance.

Cai Shen Ye Mascot Promo 2021

Invite our God of Fortune to your home/office this coming Chinese new year to bring you wealth and abundance of good fortune! ! 💵🧧🎉
🔥30mins Roving God of Fortune Mascot!
🔥Inclusive of manpower & minder!
🔥Photo-taking with mascot!
🔥Interaction with God of Fortune!
🔥Gold chocolate coin giveaway!
$128/- (costume rental only – self collect & return)
$168/- (30mins session)
$198/- (1 hour session)

Also, what is Chinese New Year without Cai Shen Ye? We have Cai Shen Ye mascot who’s also known as the God of Wealth available to bless you this Chinese New Year.

christmas mascot for hire 1

Roving God of Fortune Masot

Fu Lu Shou Mascot Costume Rental Singapore

Want other options?

Fret not! We have tons of character mascot costumes rental available for you to choose from.

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