Party Equipment Rental in Singapore

Party people offers  a wide range of Party Equipment Rental in Singapore for you to choose from! We have arcade machine, bouncy castles, live food station, balloon decorations and many more! We have engaged with many clients regarding different equipment rentals. You want it, we have it! So what are you waiting for? Let us be part of your party planner! Rent it from us now! Below are some of the events that we are engaged in!

Live food stations

Our popcorn and candy floss live food stations are the cheapest in town! These snacks are the all-time favourite by kids to adults. It is also suitable for parties, carnival and events. Enjoy our freshly popped popcorns that will be served in brown paper bags for easy roving! Rent yours now!

Ball pit rental

Rent a ball pit or a ball pool for your kids party today! With a wide range of shape and sizes, you will be able to find the best size that fits your kid’s party. The lego bricks that we used is not the usual bricks that you see. The ball pit acts as a ‘mini playground’ for your kids to play during teir party.

Customised Small Ball PitBall Pit Rental

MAscot rental

Having a roving mascot can help to live up your event. It is suitable for opening ceremony, events or parties as well. It will be a memorable event for the guests as they can take a picture with the mascot for memories purposes.

Roving Cai Shen Ye Mascot Rental 1 scaled

Looking for other party equipment rental in Singapore? Contact us today and receive a free 2022 catalogue for your references!

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Christmas Party Package 2021

Ready for the most wonderful time of the year? Party people have offered you 3 Christmas Party Package for your kids to choose from! Christmas is one of the most celebrated festival as people get to celebrate it with their family or friends. The most exciting part of Christmas is the exchanging of gifts and also spending time with your loved ones.

holly jolly holiday party – $580

  • Glitter Tattoo (30 mins)
  • Scratch Art (1h)
  • Roving Santa Mascot (30 minutes)
  • Christmas Balloon Decorations

Our glitter tattoo will be in Christmas themed and there will be various design such as Santa Claus, ginger breadman, reindeer etc for you to choose from! Surprise your kids and let them get excited at the shiny glitter tattoo! The design for the scratch art will be Christmas designs such as Santa Claus, Snowman etc.. It is a simple art & craft for the kids to do. Surprise and let your kids unleash their creativity skills! The roving Santa Claus is suitable for Christmas party as it can move around and allow guests to take pictures with the mascot for memories. Come take a picture with santa claus now!

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santa soiree – $780

  • Face Painting (1h)
  • Roving Santa Mascot (30 minutes)
  • Christmas Balloon Decorations
  • Roving Magician (30 mins)

The artist will be painting aesthetic Christmas designs such as elves, jesus etc. The kids will definitely be excited when they see the face painting! Surprise your kids now! Having Balloon decorations will make your event or parties more lively.  The magic show is a close up for the kids as the magician is able to interact with them.  Enquire our package now and have a memorable Christmas!

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a jolly good time – $980

  • Roving Santa Mascot (30 minutes)
  • Christmas Balloon Decorations
  • Christmas Stocking (1hr)
  • Sand Art (1hr)
  • Face Painting (1hr)

Book our Christmas Party Package and have an unforgettable Christmas party with your family and friends this coming Christmas! You can learn and unleash your creativity skills as you create your very own Christmas stocking and it can act as a decoration to your home to live up the Christmas vibes! The balloon decorations can either be many heliums balloons bundled together or Christmas themed decorations such as santa, reindeer etc.. It will helps to live up the atmosphere of the event or party. So what are you waiting for?

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Rainbow Balloon Columns Pillars

Party Balloon Decorations in Singapore

Thinking of how to make your event or party much more lively? Don’t worry,  Party people offers you Party Balloon Decorations in Singapore that will make your party or event much more value! We have a range from simple decorations for birthday parties to a large scale balloon landscape design. Our artists have done it all! If you are looking for customized balloon decoration for your upcoming party, We are able to do it as well! Below are the different examples of what we have done!

Organic Balloon Garland Decoration

Garland is a band or chain of flowers, foliage, and leaves joined at the ends to form a circle (wreath) or it can be worn on the head (chaplet), or even draped in loops (festoon or swag). This organic balloon garland decoration a recurrent motif in classical and Renaissance paintings and relief sculptures.

Organic Balloon Garland

giraffe and monkey balloon arch

Looking for a jungle theme balloon decoration for your kid’s upcoming birthday party? We have the award-winning balloon arch, Giraffe & Monkey Balloon Arch for you. Your guests will definitely impress by your wise choice by getting it for your upcoming party. The balloon arch serves as an entranced decoration for your guest to identify where is the event.

Balloon pillar Decoration

Instead of the balloon arch you usually see, we also have the balloon pillar decoration for you. These balloon columns served as a decorative pillars at your event. By having these pillars at your event or party, it can also hype up your event and you do not need to worry that it will take up a lot of space.

premium number balloon display

What is a party without a balloon decoration? Balloon will never go wrong with events and parties so what are you waiting for? We are able to do a number balloon display for your party or event!


Premium Balloon Number 30 Decor DisplayNumber Balloon Display

Personalised balloon

We offer personalised balloon that suits your theme of the event or party! Whether it’s a birthday, graduation, anniversary or any celebration event, personalised balloon is a great way to send your greetings to your loved ones! Get your message written on the balloons and complete it with a bundle of helium balloons!

Balloon arch decoration

Looking for the best balloon arch decorations in Singapore? Our balloon artists have done hundreds of different balloon arch decorations at various venue in Singapore over the past few years! We are also known for customising the balloon arch to fit the theme of your event!

Star balloon arch Singapore

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King of Hammer

Arcade and Carnival Games Rental

Looking for something entertaining, engaging and electrifying? Party People offers wide range of cheap arcade and carnival games rental for parties and events in Singapore. We are well equipped with all in-house equipment and game booths for rental!  We have over 400 party equipment rental so you can be assured to find what you need when engaging our services.

Arcade and Carnival games allow us to enjoy a sense of nostalgia. When we play video games, we enjoy an activity that takes us back to our childhood. That sense of nostalgia can be just as much fun as the game you are playing. Arcade and games for adults are the perfect way to enjoy some relaxation time. 

Arcade and Carnival Games Rental

Arcade machines Rental

Ever thought of renting an arcade machine for your upcoming party or event? Watch as players lift the mallet over their heads and give their everything smashing the King of The Hammer. The stronger you smash, the higher the disc shoots up! Gather your friends and see who is the strongest among all! Try the Arcade King of The Hammer now! To add some masculinity to your events and parties!

Party People have over 50 in-house arcade games for sale and rental. Other than claw machines, we also offer Gashapon machines, human claw machine where the Guests will be lifted into the air on a crane-like device as they are dipped into a pit full of tempting prizes. We are also able to customize the claw machine to suit your theme of the event and increase your brand awareness!

Human Claw Machine Rental Singapore

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Carnival Games Rental

Ever wanted to turn your event into a carnival? We got you covered! Our carnival games stall is a must have for your event in Singapore! Interactive fun-filled carnival game stalls for both adults and children with small prizes are available! With a wide range of games available here, we provide the best carnival game rental in Singapore. We have 4 categories (traditional games, carnival box games, premium games, inflatable games) to choose from! From $100/stall (Minimum 3 stalls)

Customised Spin the Wheel of Fortune Rental Singapore Tic Tac Toe Cheap Carnival Game Stall Rental Pretzel Toss Customised Carnival Game Stall Rental


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Pre Packed Popcorns and Candy Floss

Pre Packed Popcorns and Candy Floss

Having difficulties getting small bites and snacks due to the latest COVID situation? Fret not, Party People offers pre-packed popcorns and candy floss in a plastic cup for parties and events in Singapore! Our pre packed carnival snacks are the cheapest price you can find in town, from just $0.80/pax onwards! We offer you the best opportunity to deliver an incredible snacking experience for your guests.

Reduce the trouble of corn popping, syrup coating, sugar dusting, oven heating and all as Party people got you covered! Below are some of the pre packed popcorn and candy floss that we did for Children’s Day event last week!

Pre Packed Popcorns and Candy Floss

Hot sealed pre packed popcorn and candy floss in the plastic cups can never go wrong in an event.  Also, our popcorns are perfect for on the go. If you are having an event, your guests will be able to munch the popcorns while roving around as they please and even bring it home conveniently. What u waiting for? Grab our freshest, sweetest Pre-Packed Popcorn and fluffiest, most luscious Candy floss from us right now

Pre Packed Popcorn in Singapore Pre Packed Carnival Snacks Pre made Cotton Candy

Pre Packed Carnival Snacks

Looking for something savory instead of sweet? No worries, we’ve got you covered! Instead of Pre packed popcorns and candy floss, we also offer pre packed Muah Chee, Traditional Biscuits. I bet all of us loved and ate traditional biscuits during your childhood. Our traditional biscuits consist of the legendary gem biscuit, haw flakes, crackers and many more!

What are the sizes of the cups?

Our popcorns are placed in 12 oz cups and are hand packed.

Is it inclusive of delivery?

YES! The rates quoted is inclusive of delivery.

What are the flavors available for popcorn?

We have sweet and other flavors.

What candy floss color do you have?

We have Strawberry pink, Purple grape, Green apple and Orange

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Basketball Arcade Game Rental Singapore

Arcade and Carnival Games for Party Hire in Singapore

Party People offer a wide range of arcade and carnival games for party hire in Singapore! As the trusted party planner and party rental company, we have over 400 party equipment rental so you can be assured to find what you need when engaging our services. Our team has also plan, execute and manage private parties, corporate party, family day and many more.

Arcade Games Rental

Our arcade games rental range from the popular arcade basketball, bishi bashi and daytona, to retro arcade pinball machine and video arcade machine, we have it all! If you are looking to purchase the arcade machines instead, you may look for our partner, Gaming Lab, the leading arcade games supplier in Singapore!

Arcade Basketball Machines Rental Singapore

Basketball Arcade Game Rental Singapore

Carnival Games Rental

Whether you are hosting a party, event or a large scale carnival or D&D, carnival games always get people excited! Engage our carnival games rental for your upcoming party today from just $99 for a full day rental!

Catus Ring Toss Carnival Game Stall Rental Cheap Carnival Games Rental Singapore


Ball Pit Rental

Every kids love to jump in a pit filled with colourful soft balls! Engage our ball pit rental to surprise your kids at his or her birthday party!

Kids Ball Pit Rental for Birthday Party Singapore


Bouncy Castle Rental

If you have a large backyard, you can consider having a bouncy castle rental or even a large inflatable obstacle course for your upcoming party! Here’s our robot obstacle course setup at our client’s landed property in Singapore.

Inflatable Robot Bouncy Castle Rental Singapore


Water Inflatable Obstacle Rental

What if you don’t have a large backyard, but have a large pool in your house? No worries, as our water inflatable obstacle rental is just what you need for your party! Our modular water obstacle course length can be increase or reduce according to your pool size.

Inflatable Water Obstacle Rental Singapore

Stepping stone water inflatable rental

Stepping Stone Water Inflatable Rental Singapore


Looking for other arcade or carnival games rental? Contact our friendly sales assistant to find out more now!

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Window Paint Art

Art and Craft Activities for Hire in Singapore

Remember the good old days where we can bring our kids to enjoy art and craft activities at a party or event? Why not have these art and craft activities at the comfort of your own home! Party People offer a wide range of art and craft activities for hire in Singapore!

Art and Craft Activities for Hire in Singapore

Spend quality time with your kids while enjoying a session of art and craft activity! From the popular window art and sand art, to canvas painting or coin bank painting… we also offer unique craft workshop such as balloon sculpting workshop and slime making workshop! Contact us to find out the full list of art and craft activity we offer today!

Throwback to our art and craft activity booth we have done back in 2019 at Suntec city!

Kids Table and Chairs Rental

Window Art Activity

Now you can transform your windows and glass panels into stunning creative scenes! Paste these unique window art designs on your windows or glass panels without damaging it!

Window Art Station for Hire Window Art cater for Events Singapore Kids Window Art

Sand Art Activity

Let your little ones create their own little masterpiece from our adhesive sand art cards which they can decorate with the myriad of coloured sand provided. Start from peeling off the paper on top to reveal a sticker, then use the coloured sand and bring colours to the designs!

Kids Art and Craft Singapore Kids Art and Craft Activity for Party


Party People offer different art and craft activity party packages for you to choose from! Contact us to hire now!

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Giant Lego Bricks Rental in Singapore

2021 Giant Lego Bricks Rental in Singapore

Party People offer 2021 giant lego bricks rental in Singapore! These are not just your usual lego brick, but a really big one. REALLY BIG! Here in Party People, we use these bricks to set up a rainbow ball pit, or a giant lego play area for kids who love lego building!

2021 Giant Lego Bricks Rental in Singapore

Here are some of the giant lego bricks play area we have built for our past clients who engaged our services back in 2019! These play area comes with soft mats, stairs and a tunnel with slide!

Lego Bricks Playground Singapore

Rainbow Lego Brick Pit Giant Lego Bricks Playground

Rent Kids Giant Playground in Singapore

Lego Ball Pit Rental

Set up a rainbow lego ball pit rental for your upcoming party or event to surprise your kids! Our ball pit doesn’t just look amazing on photos… It is AMAZING! Let your kids jump and slide into a pool of rainbow soft balls at their party!

Rainbow Ball Pit for Event Lego Ball Pit Rental Singapore

Click on the button below to enquire with our friendly sales assistant by filling up a quick form, or simply WhatsApp us here!

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Rainbow Ball Pit Rental Singapore

How to Plan a Birthday Party in Singapore 2021

Planning a birthday party during pandemic? Yes, it can be done! Here’s how to plan a birthday party in Singapore 2021 with some 6 different ideas and tips! Party People has planned and managed hundreds of big and small parties over the last few years. During the pandemic in 2020 and 2021, we are now shifting to smaller party ideas for kids who want to celebrate their special day with friends and family!

Plan a birthday party in Singapore 2021

How to Plan a Birthday Party in Singapore 2021

During the pandemic, the budget we save on hiring a venue can now be splurge on other party rental and items. When it comes to party planning in Singapore, we have to consider the 3 most important things to have:

Balloon Decorations

Organic Balloon Decorations for Party Singapore

Balloons always make a party feel festive and bring up the mood at a party! Instead of filling up the whole venue with balloons, focus on decorating the area where you are hosting your cake cutting ceremony and photo-taking!

Food and Drinks

During the pandemic, we are unable to order and serve self-service buffet to our guest. However, you can still order a dessert table, live food stations, fast food delivery or simply cook a nice meal for everyone at your party!


Planning a smaller birthday party during the pandemic doesn’t mean taking away the fun! There are many other fun activities and party rental you can hire for small birthday parties:

Bouncy Castles

Small Bouncy Castle Rental Singapore

Party People offers over 20 different bouncy castles rental to choose from. From small bouncy castle that is able to fit into a HDB Flat, to large bouncy castle that fits at the back of your garden, you can be sure to find 1 that your kids love!

Ball Pit

Rainbow Ball Pit Rental Singapore

One of our most popular party rental is our colourful lego ball pit with slide! From small ball pit to a giant size ball pit, our ball pit is customisable that will definitely fit into the space you have!

Water Inflatables

Inflatable Water Obstacle Rental Singapore

If you are planning a pool party in your home, our popular water inflatables rental may just be what you are looking for! Our modular water obstacle course and our new inflatable stepping stone are the 2 most popular water inflatables that we currently offer!

Art and Craft Activities

Window Art station for kids

Party People offers a wide range of art and craft activities! During the pandemic, we have provide various art and craft workshop at parties such as sand art, window art, photo frame making, slime workshop and even balloon sculpting workshop!

Arcade Games

Air Hockey Table Rental Singapore

Hire your favourite arcade games rental to surprise your family and friends! Party People have many popular arcade machines such as arcade basketball and claw machine, to many rare retro arcade games such as house of the dead and Daytona racing game!

Magic Show

Who says you can’t have a magic show for your party? Yes, we offer interactive virtual magic show for your kids to enjoy! For the very first time, you can enjoy magic from the screen! It’s not a pre-recorded video nor it’s a “camera-effect” magic, but your kids gets to interactive with the magician on screen!

Additional Tips – Music

Game Hosting by Game Master

Fun Games Hosting

Always have a background music at your party to prevent hearing surrounding “noise” that may be annoying to some of the guest. Play a background music from your speaker, or simply hire our simple speaker that is suitable for small party!

Still unsure of what to have at your party? Contact our friendly sales assistant, Bella, for a free consultation to find out how we can help assist your event today!

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*For small parties, we do not charge any party planning fees!

We are listed in the Top 10 party planner in Singapore here!


Rainbow Ball Pit Rental Singapore

Small Ball Pit Rental for Birthday Party 2021

Party People offer small ball pit rental for birthday party 2021 in Singapore! Fulfill your kid’s dream of having a colourful ball pit at their birthday party where they can slide into a pool of rainbow soft balls! Here we recommend the following ball pit for kids birthday party!

Rainbow Ball Pit with Slide rental

Engage our modular rainbow ball pit rental with slide that comes with 2000 soft balls, rainbow giant lego brick walls, kids slide and soft mat of an area of 2.4m x 2.4m! Our price comes with delivery of equipment, installation and set up, dismantle and collection for just $450 only!

Rainbow ball pit for rent Rainbow Ball Pit Rental Singapore Rent Rainbow Ball Pit in Singapore

Small Inflatable Ball Pit Rental

Party People also offer a small inflatable ball pit rental as well! Our inflatable ball pit rental starts from just $350 for a full day rental!

Inflatable Ball Pool Rental Singapore

Are you ready to let your kids party in our ball pit? Or do you want to have a different ball pit rental to surprise your kids instead? Contact us for more information today!

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