Hire Our Balloon Artist For Your Event Today !

Twist, Twist, Twist and Tadaa! A penguin sculpture is now in front of you! Does that sound familiar to you?

You got it! 

It was balloon sculpting! Balloon sculpting refers to a balloon artist who transforms balloons into sculptures or even figures according to requests. Well, it is not that simple as you think, balloon sculpting requires different sizes of balloons with different techniques to make into that one fine looking sculpture. It has always been a well-loved activity by the kids and is always in demand because of how amusing it is.

Not only will the guests at your event be able to bring a gift home but it will also be an entertainment that will engage your guest and bring the event into full swing. Be it a birthday party that is full of children or a corporate event hosted by your company, our balloon artists would be able to cater and design sculptures that will definitely be to your liking for all ages.

Here are some examples of our balloon sculptures :

Recently we also found out Jay Chou was at a party with taking photos with  balloon sculptures as well!

Doesn’t it look cool and amazing?

We know what you’re thinking! Party People is now offering you a chance to hire our master of balloons with years of experience and plenty of positive feedbacks. At an affordable price that comes with several benefits, isn’t it the best choice to hire one for your event now?

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Traditional Food That Brings You Back To Your Childhood

Do you still remember your favourite childhood snacks? Missed munching on those snacks?

Remember always running to the shops to buy these snacks after school, and saving up for the whole week just to get these snacks to eat while you play at the playground.

Why not, let’s revisit our childhood days and take a walk down the memory lane together.

  1. Kacang Puteh

Kacang Puteh is an assortment of nuts that makes you go nuts over it. Get it? With all the nuts that come together, it makes up a good colourful concoction and is usually served in a paper cone with 6 different types of nuts and crackers. In the past, it was commonly seen on the streets and in the cinemas for people to munch on while watching their movie. It was one of the most well-known and well-loved snacks by many Singaporeans.

2. Muah Chee 

Muah Chee is a glutinous rice snack coated with sesame seeds or peanuts and is known as Singapore’s favorite street snack. With its doughy yet chewy texture, as well as the crunchiness of the peanuts, it forms a toothsome bite that makes you want to continue eating more.

3. Ding Ding Candy

Did you know? 

Ding Ding Candy got its name from the sound of its production process? ” Ding Ding ” was the sound produced when the candy maker breaks up the candies. Ding Ding Candy was first originated in Hong Kong and then it starts to spread to the rest of the world. It is a hard maltose candy flavored with ginger and sesame.

4. Dragon Beard Candy

Dragon Beard Candy is a form of traditional art that originated in China. It is also known as ‘Chinese cotton candy’ and is often found on the streets in the olden days. It is made up of hardened sugar that is pulled into thin, individual strands of candy that will melt in one’s mouth.

5. Tutu Kueh

Tutu Kueh or Kueh Tutu is a small fine-looking soft steamed rice cake flavored with shredded coconut or peanuts or even red bean nowadays! The cool thing about it is that it was created by our fellow Singaporean who created the recipe based on his memories and to now, it is still one of Singaporean’s favorite snacks.

6. Traditional Biscuits 

Remember these childhood biscuits you have always loved as a kid?

Was it the iced gem biscuits or the chocolate bourbon or the egg pandan or the lobster cubes or the cream crackers? Which of it was your favourite traditional biscuits? Mine was definitely the iced gem biscuit that we always bit off the icing on the top before eating the biscuits!

Well… out of all these traditional food, which was your top favourite when you were a child? 

Now I have a surprise for you! 

Party People is now offering you these traditional live food stations that you can now rent for your event! Be it your wedding, birthday, traditional themed event, family gatherings OR any festive and celebrative occasion, we can now refresh your childhood memories with your favourite childhood snack!

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Value for Money Birthday party Packages

Is your child the next Vincent Van Gogh? Do they enjoy doing Arts?

Let’s find out and unleash the inner artist in them with these packages.

Here in Party People, we offer you value for money birthday party packages that are definitely worth every cent and would be able to cater to your wants and needs! Be it your little tea party or your kid’s birthday party or just a family gathering, we have an art and craft package that’s just perfect for your occasion!

Some packages that we offer are :



Not only that, but we also have our very own ” Artsy Birthday Party Package ” where you will get to do BOTH window art and sand art together at an affordable rate! Isn’t it great to be able to do two of your kid’s favourite activity together?

Have no idea on what to get? Which would be suitable for your event?

Don’t worry, our sales assistant is here to help!

To enquire, simply WhatsApp or email our friendly sales assistant for more information! If you are looking for other party packages/activities that are not listed above, let us know as well!

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Engage a magician for your event today!

Looking for some entertainment for your birthday parties or corporate event? Want something unique and out of a box? 

Party People Singapore is providing you a great way out by engaging our local magician that will impress you with remarkable and mind-blowing magic tricks to engage your audience! We cater to a variety of magic shows that would be suitable for EVERYONE ranging from kids to adults. A magic show will not only liven up the atmosphere of the event but it also brings excitement and laughter to many! 

Party People offers various type of magic show performance such as Roving Close up magic show , Stage Illusion Magic Show  , Live Animal Magic Show and Children Magic Show for you to choose from !

We are also working with the TOP magicians that are known in Singapore such as Magic of Markson, Jasper Lee, Mr Rabbit, Uncle Jumbo, Tommy Kien and Kaden Tan! With our professional magicians that expertise in magic, we ensure you that our magic show will be an exceptional show with guaranteed entertainment.

Poof !  … MAGIC happens ANYWHERE and EVERYWHERE! Let us put the spells of laughter and joy into your audiences during your children’s birthday parties or any festival events that you have!

You name it and we have it. 

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Cheap Popcorn and Candy Floss Machines Rental

Here in Party People, we offer the cheapest popcorn and candy floss machines rental in Singapore! Popcorn and candy floss has always been a great party snacks for both kids and adults to enjoy during a carnival event. Engage our live food stations to serve hot and freshly pop popcorns, as well as hand-made cotton candy with us today!

Below are a few events that engaged our popcorn and candy floss machines rental:

Popcorn Machine Rental

Not just being the cheapest popcorn rental in Singapore, our popcorn is also the tastiest! We offer standard sweet popcorns, and other flavoured popcorns including salted popcorn, cinnamon popcorn, caramel popcorn, coloured and rainbow popcorns with a small additional charge. Contact us to find out more!

Candy Floss Machine Rental

Party People offer the cheapest candy floss machines rental in Singapore as well! Our candy floss machines comes with either a standard strawberry pink flavours, purple grape, green apple and as well as orange flavour!

For both popcorn and candy floss machine rental, the rates include delivery, set up, free flow of popcorn and candy floss, operator/s and collection of equipment.

Our popcorn and candy floss station are not just for party and carnival events, it is also suitable for roadshow events where you like to attract crowd to your booth as well!

With an additional $50/cart, you can request to have our popcorn and candy floss cart as well!

Party People offers over 40 different live food stations for parties and events as well. Contact us to request for our live food station catalogue today!

To enquire, simply WhatsApp or email our friendly sales assistant for more information! If you are looking for other lucky draw equipment that are not listed above, let us know as well!

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DIY Halloween Candy Bags Workshop

Looking for halloween party activity for your upcoming party or event in October? Here we introduce our DIY Halloween Treat Bags Workshop! Kids and customised their very own halloween treat bags that is easy and usable. Choose from our friendly bat, pumpkin or frankenstein design and engage our halloween party workshop package today!

DIY Halloween Candy Bag Workshop



  • Increase your child’s visualisation skills
  • Improves their creativity development
  • Improve hand-eye coordination
  • Easy to do (for kids 4 years old and above)
  • Child-safe plastic needle
  • Usable bag to put their candies

To enquire, simply WhatsApp or email our friendly sales assistant for more information! If you are looking for other lucky draw equipment that are not listed above, let us know as well!

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Lucky Draw Games Rental

Here in Singapore, customers still love spending when it comes to winning a lucky draw gift from a purchase! Whether it’s a simple spin the wheel or simply dropping a receipt into a lucky draw box, it always feel good to participate knowing there’s a chance of winning a prize! Here are some of the lucky draw games rental is suitable for your upcoming roadshow events!

Spin the Wheel Carnival Game

Our spin the wheel equipment is fully customisable! Let your customers spin the wheel and experience the anxious feeling upon hearing the sound when the wheel is going to stop! This is also the cheapest lucky draw equipment rental we offer!

Gashapon Machine Rental (Small)

Our gashapon machine is another great way for customer to win a small lucky draw prize that is able to fit into a 5cm capsule ball! Instead of physical prizes, you can also place vouchers in the capsule balls as well!

Gashapon Machine Rental (Big)

If you are looking for a bigger capsule ball dispenser machine, we have one that is able to dispense 100cm capsule ball! Fully customisable as well, these capsule balls can even fit a small soft toys inside as well! If you are unsure if your prizes is able to fit, feel free to make an appointment with us to view the capsule balls!

Our 100mm capsule balls also come with different colours from clear, red, yellow, green, blue, purple, pink and black.

Claw Machine Rental

Claw Machine is great for roadshow event as it features your branding well. We have great response from our client using this claw machine to get the attention of every passer-by at their roadshow event!

Giant Human Claw Machine Rental

If you have a larger space and a higher budget, you can choose to rent our giant human claw machine instead! We Guarantee  to get everyone’s attention when your customer is playing this giant claw machine!

Fun Fair Games Rental

Fun fair games is one of the traditional method to get customer pay and have a chance to win a small prize. Here are some of the carnival games we offer that is suitable for lucky draw activity:

Ping Pong Rolldown

Roll a Ball

Basket Toss

To enquire, simply WhatsApp or email our friendly sales assistant for more information! If you are looking for other lucky draw equipment that are not listed above, let us know as well!

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Safe Party Planning in Singapore

Safe party planning in Singapore is now an essential service when it comes to planning an event during this pandemic period. Party People is proud to work with a trusted disinfectant specialist in Singapore, DIF Solutions, to provide the following products and services to keep your venue clean and safe for party and events!

Disinfect your Premises 

Cleaning has always been an important role because it physically removes dirt, organic matter and most germs from surfaces, but does not necessary destroy some harmful germs that may remain. Premises has to be cleaned before you start the disinfection process. This ensures that germs are not hidden from the disinfectant when it is applied. Disinfection is the process that destroys most disease-causing germs that remain on surfaces.

So how often should you disinfect your premises? You should disinfect your premises at least once a month for frequently touched surfaces and shared surfaces or items, and more often when illness levels have increased. One should disinfect immediately when surfaces are contaminated with blood or body fluids.

If you are hosting a party during this period, it is recommended to disinfect your premises before and after the party to ensure the cleanliness of your premises, and keeping everyone safe!


Temperature Scanning

As concern around the spread of coronavirus grows, having everyone temperature scanned is the minimum you can do to prevent the spread of viruses. A person with high temperature is very likely to be sick, and you can stop a person from entering your premises and prevent an outbreak of a virus.

DIF Solutions offer thermal scanner and thermal scanning gate that allows fast scan of temperature. This is applicable for premises or events with high traffic. If you are holding a small party, using a forehead thermometer will do the job. Don’t be afraid to ask your guests to have their temperature taken before entering the premises as they are more than willing to do so!

Sanitize everyone’s hands

So what is the difference between sanitizing and disinfecting? Sanitizing is a lower kill level of some type of germs while disinfecting is a higher kill level of more types of germs. Having a bottle of hand sanitizer and ensure everyone sanitise their hands before entering the party  lowered the chance of germs spreading drastically.

Face Mask

Although it’s a necessity to wear a face mask when going out in the public now, we all do not love the feeling having to wear face mask all the time! However, it is still important to wear a face masking in a premises full of people interacting with one another. We can make it more fun by having a customised face mask workshop, or a personalised face mask given out to your guest at a party!

Are you planning a party during this period of time? Contact us to find out more how you can plan a party without breaking any law!

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Kids Party Activity for Hire in Singapore

Looking for popular kids party activity for hire in Singapore? Party People knows exactly which are the best kids activities that can never go wrong! As we all know, kids love going to parties and enjoy all the activities going on there! From eating their favourite snacks, meeting their friends, watching a magic show and experience all the party games, workshops and activities, parents now have a lot more choices to create wonderful memories for their kids party at an affordable price as compared to the past!

Party People offers more than just party activities, now you can consult our party specialist to know how you can create an unforgettable party experience with the budget you have. If you are hosting kids party for the first time, you may also check out our party packages and check out the popular party activities we offer.


Here we introduce our new caricature on small canvas! Our famous two hands caricature artist draw on the spot, and each piece takes only 3-5mins to complete! These small canvas also serve as a great gift for everyone at a party. *Even the adults want it!

Balloon Sculpting

Balloon Sculpting is no doubt the best fringe activity at a party or event! Put a smile on everyone’s face with our award-winning balloon artists, as they sculpt on the spot with each customised request!

Face Painting

Face painting is another popular kids party activity in Singapore! Face painting transform the kids to become the character they always wanted to be! Don’t worry if the kids are shy or afraid to get their face painted, they can experience the paint art on their hands as well. Check out the the amazing face and hand painting done by our face paint artists:

To hire our event talents, simply contact our sales assistant by filling up a quick form! Our party team will reply as soon as we receive your form! For any urgent enquires, you may contact us through WhatsApp as well.

Bring Back Memories with our Old School Ice Cream Cart

Who doesn’t love ice cream? In a warm and humid country like Singapore, ice cream has been everyone’s favourite snacks for many years. Remember the good old days when we see the uncle or auntie ringing the ice cream bell, and selling ice cream behind the iconic ice cream cart?  Here in Party People, we want to bring back memories with our old school ice cream cart for your party!

Put a smile on everyone’s face by surprising your guest with FREE traditional ice cream! Our ice cream cart comes with four different flavours “Chocolate, Coconut, Sweet Corn and Atap Seed”, served in cups, waffle biscuit or rainbow bread! I bet you are craving to have a bite now just by imagining it melting in your mouth!

Whether it’s a party, roadshow or family day event, ice cream is definitely one of the “must have” live food stations that is able to put a smile on everyone’s face! Hire our traditional ice cream cart for your party or event today!

Other than scoop ice cream, Party People also provide traditional sliced ice cream as well! From just additional 20 cents per pax, simply let us know that you prefer to have sliced ice cream and the flavours when enquiring with us. Below are the flavours we have:

Hurry! Enquire with our friendly sales assistant today!

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