Safe Party Planning in Singapore

Safe party planning in Singapore is now an essential service when it comes to planning an event during this pandemic period. Party People is proud to work with a trusted disinfectant specialist in Singapore, DIF Solutions, to provide the following products and services to keep your venue clean and safe for party and events!

Disinfect your Premises 

Cleaning has always been an important role because it physically removes dirt, organic matter and most germs from surfaces, but does not necessary destroy some harmful germs that may remain. Premises has to be cleaned before you start the disinfection process. This ensures that germs are not hidden from the disinfectant when it is applied. Disinfection is the process that destroys most disease-causing germs that remain on surfaces.

So how often should you disinfect your premises? You should disinfect your premises at least once a month for frequently touched surfaces and shared surfaces or items, and more often when illness levels have increased. One should disinfect immediately when surfaces are contaminated with blood or body fluids.

If you are hosting a party during this period, it is recommended to disinfect your premises before and after the party to ensure the cleanliness of your premises, and keeping everyone safe!


Temperature Scanning

As concern around the spread of coronavirus grows, having everyone temperature scanned is the minimum you can do to prevent the spread of viruses. A person with high temperature is very likely to be sick, and you can stop a person from entering your premises and prevent an outbreak of a virus.

DIF Solutions offer thermal scanner and thermal scanning gate that allows fast scan of temperature. This is applicable for premises or events with high traffic. If you are holding a small party, using a forehead thermometer will do the job. Don’t be afraid to ask your guests to have their temperature taken before entering the premises as they are more than willing to do so!

Sanitize everyone’s hands

So what is the difference between sanitizing and disinfecting? Sanitizing is a lower kill level of some type of germs while disinfecting is a higher kill level of more types of germs. Having a bottle of hand sanitizer and ensure everyone sanitise their hands before entering the party  lowered the chance of germs spreading drastically.

Face Mask

Although it’s a necessity to wear a face mask when going out in the public now, we all do not love the feeling having to wear face mask all the time! However, it is still important to wear a face masking in a premises full of people interacting with one another. We can make it more fun by having a customised face mask workshop, or a personalised face mask given out to your guest at a party!

Are you planning a party during this period of time? Contact us to find out more how you can plan a party without breaking any law!


Christmas Party Rental and Activities for Hire Singapore

Party People provides Christmas party rental and activities for hire in Singapore! From Christmas caroling, roving close-up magic performance, roving Santa Claus Mascot, Inflatable Snow Globe rental, hot chocolate bar station and many more!

Planning a last minute Christmas party? We are here to help! Be it Christmas party, new year count down event or Chinese New Year, our team is ready to provide you the best party services for your upcoming event!

Inflatable Snow Globe

Christmas Carolling

Roving Magician

 Roving Santa Claus Mascot

Are you looking for Chinese New Year party rental and activities? Get our popular Roving Cai Shen Ye mascot before it’s fully booked!

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Large Inflatable Carnival Games Rental

Party People is proud to presents our large inflatable carnival games rental for parties and events in Singapore! With 8 different games to choose from, get a set of four inflatable carnival games at a discounted package rate! Rent these cheap and large carnival game stalls for your upcoming event today!

Below are the 8 inflatable games to choose from:

  1. Western Hoop
  2. Traffic Light
  3. Tic Tac Toe
  4. On Point
  5. Galaxy Shootout
  6. Cowboy Face-Off
  7. Bull Horn Toss
  8. Basketball

Looking for more cheap carnival game rental, find our more info of our carnival game stalls rental here.

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Singtel Carnival Night Event at Joyden Hall

We are proud to be the trusted party planner of Singtel Carnival Night event at Joyden Hall! As a party specialist, we plan, execute and manage parties and carnival events in Singapore. Planning a family day carnival may be tedious and troublesome, but our team has create a hassle free solution for you to run a smooth events.

We create, you celebrate!

Before we get into the details, here’s a short clip of how our family day carnival looks like:

Below are the top 3 reasons why you should choose Party People as your upcoming event planner:


Planning an event is our passion. We love to create FUN and put a smile on everyone’s faces. Our team goes all out to get the best vendors for your event. This is also why you will notice our talents are professional in their trade, our carnival equipment are in tip top condition and our team are experienced in what they do.


Our company may be almost 2 years old, but our team has more than 9 years of experience in the event industry. We are specialised in planning events such as birthday party, road shows, family day, carnival theme event, corporate office party, CSR day… as long as you are planning a party, we are here for you!


We may not be the cheapest, but our price is definitely competitive in the market! We do not compromise on the quality or services, but we simply have our very own operation team and in-house party equipment such as arcade machines, carnival games, live food stations, giant ball pit… you name it, we have it! Thus, you can enjoy more activities with the same amount of budget when engaging us as your trusted party planner in Singapore!


Discover some of the corporate events we have done here.

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