Sand Art Station Singapore

Sand Art has always been a popular fringe activity for kids in Singapore. Improve your kid’s creativity and colouring skills by creating these beautiful art piece with colourful sands! Here in Party People, we bring our sand art station to your upcoming party or events in Singapore!

How to do Sand Art?

  1. Pick your favourite sand art design.
  2. Peel off the die-cut sticker on the sand art card and pour coloured sand on it.
  3. Mix different coloured sand on different parts of the sand art card.
  4. Complete your art piece by peeling off the background sticker, and fill it up with coloured sand.
  5. Place your completed art piece into a plastic cover.
  6. You’re done!

Below is how our sand art station looks like at various events in Singapore.

Customised Sand Art Card

Do you have a mascot, logo, or simply a character you love? Party People can customise sand art card according to your needs! Here are the 2 mascot sand art card designs we have done for our client.

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Window Paint Art and Craft Activity in Singapore

Here in Party People, we specialist in art and craft activities for kids. Last month, we have provided our window paint art and craft activity for an event in Singapore! With more than 10 different designs to choose from, kids get to colour their very own window craft souvenir that they can bring home!

Below is how our window art and craft activity looks like:

More than 10 different window craft designs to choose from!

Kids unleashing their creativity to create beautiful window craft with paint!

 Their craft are heated up for about 2 minutes!

Here’s the final product of their craft! They can bring it home and paste it on the window for decorative purposes. It is safe and no mark will leave on the window itself!

Below are a few photos of our window art and craft station:

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