Grass Wall Backdrop Wedding Rental Singapore

Artificial Grass Wall Backdrop Rental in Singapore

Looking for the perfect backdrops for your party or event coming up? Want a unique and astonishing backdrop for your grand event that is coming up?

We got you all covered and ready to go! 

Party People not only offers that mouth-watering and delicious food that everyone yearns to get their hands on, but we also offer you nicely designed backdrops that leave your guest’s jaw dropped at your event, leaving it a nice aesthetically pleasing look.

From green wall backdrops that give your event a little back to the nature vibes to a flower wall backdrop that gives off that sweet, romantic, and flowery vibes that allow your event to be that green with envy event that everyone would love. Contact us to rent our artificial grass wall backdrop in Singapore today!

Here are some photos for you to take a look at!

Grass Wall Backdrop Wedding Rental Singapore Green Wall Backdrop Rental in Singapore Green wall backdrops with organic balloon for events

These are just perfect for your grand events be it whether it is for a graduation ceremony, wedding, gala dinners or any other festive events, this will be put to great use for that perfect Instagram shot.

Looking for other backdrop designs? Party People also offers balloon decorations that includes a backdrop wall made entirely out of balloons as well!

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Arcade Game Machine Set Up Singapore

Arcade Games Rental Company in Singapore

 Are you an arcade game enthusiast? 

Do you know the common arcade machines in the arcade? What are your favourite arcade games? Which are the most well-loved arcade machines in the arcade? What is an arcade enthusiast you may ask. An arcade enthusiast is someone that is passionate about going to the arcade, loves going to the arcade and visits the arcade often.

Singapore Arcade Games Rental Company

With Party People, you can now live your dreams and play as you wish all you want with no limitations! We are offering a wide variety of arcade machines up for rental at a really affordable rate that you can not find elsewhere.

Ranging from your favourite air hockey where you can play and challenge your friends while trying to score as many goals as you can to win ,

Arcade Game Machine Set Up Singapore

to your favourite arcade basketball machines where you can shoot your shots and try to score in as many as you can with the aim to beat the high scores…

Children Basketball Arcade Game Rental Singapore

to arcade bowling where you can try to score a strike while throwing the bowling ball…

Bowling Arcade Game Rental Singapore

to bringing back the claw machine craze where you get to catch as many toys as you can with your claw machine skills!

Claw machine rental Claw Machine Soft Toys Singapore

With many more selections and arcade games rental that you can choose from, fret not on not being able to get your hands on what you want! Contact us to discover the full list of arcade game machines rental we offer now!

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Prepacked popcorn Singapore

Party Prepacked Popcorns Delivery in Singapore

Do you crave for popcorns here and there especially when you are binge-watching your favorite Kdrama or  Netflix shows? Do you always purchase popcorns as midday snacks just so that you can munch on them whenever you feel like it?

Prepacked popcorn Singapore

Party Prepacked Popcorns Delivery

Truth to be told, popcorns are not as unhealthy as it may seem to be. Freshly pre-packed popcorns are way healthier than the microwavable bags of popcorn. Freshley popped popcorns are made in batches with purely oil, corns, and sugar. Thus, you do not have to worry about processed food items or any additives in the popcorn.

Not only that,  prepacked popcorns are pocket friendly!  It does not cost much to get a cup of popcorns in recent days and there has been a huge variety of popcorns brands coming up available for you to choose from. At Party People, we offer you popcorns that are freshly popped and hot sealed in a 12oz cup ready for your snacking!

Also, popcorns are perfect for on the go. Our popcorns are placed in 12 oz cups and are hand packed. Thus it will be easy for you to carry on the go. If you are having an event, your guests will be able to munch the popcorns while roving around as they please and even bring it home conveniently.

Pre Pack Popcorn for Sale

Party People is now offering you prepacked snacks and live food stations that you can now have at your event! Be it whether it is for your wedding, birthday party, corporate event or just having a blessing pack for your friends, families or staff in the company, we can now bring these prepacked popcorns to you wherever you are!

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Roving CNY mascots

Cai Shen Ye Mascot For Hire Singapore

In a few more weeks or actually, in less than a month it will be the time of the year, the season where I’m sure 80% of us love and look forward to. That’s right! Chinese New Year is just around the corner and this means that it is the time for all your must-have Chinese new year snacks and angpaos during visitation.

Roving cai shen ye mascot

This season is the most happening time of the year anywhere and everywhere you go!  Whether it is in your schools, offices, homes or even shopping malls. I bet you are starting to hear all the Chinese new year songs playing in stores and decorations being put up around your neighborhood.

Well, the good news is we have something fun, exciting and engaging for you this Chinese New Year!

Cai Shen Ye Mascot Promo 2021

CNY mascot Singapore

Invite our God of Fortune to your home/office this coming Chinese new year to bring you wealth and abundance of good fortune! ! 💵🧧🎉
🔥30mins Roving God of Fortune Mascot!
🔥Inclusive of manpower & minder!
🔥Photo-taking with mascot!
🔥Interaction with God of Fortune!
🔥Gold chocolate coin giveaway!
$128/- (costume rental only – self collect & return)
$168/- (30mins session)
$198/- (1 hour session)

This Chinese New Year,  let’s not allow our spirits to be dampened by the current pandemic that is happening but let’s celebrate and cherish every moment we have that we get to spend with our loved ones.  To boost the atmosphere and vibes for this season, we have our Cai Shen Ye aka the God of Fortune mascot for hire!  What’s even better is that we are giving a huge discount on our Cai Shen Ye mascot making it even more affordable for you!

Roving CNY mascots

Surprise your colleagues during your Chinese New Year party and celebration or even your family members and relatives during visitations,  allowing our Cai Shen Ye to bring you great wealth and prosperity as the year begins!

Get a chance to interact and snap some photos with our Cai Shen Ye mascot up close this year!

Apart from our Cai Shen Ye mascot rental, we also have fun and crafty art and craft activities that allow you and your relatives, to spend some good quality time together creating your own artwork!

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Air dancing tube Singapore

Cheapest Dancing Tube Rental in Singapore

How Can Dancing Tube Be Beneficial For Your Event?

An air dancing tube is an efficient and productive way of marketing out your event. Why would I say so? This is as air dancing tube is not commonly seen in Singapore and it is also huge in size which is why people would not help but notice of your event or business.

Also, as the air dancing tube moves and sways from left to right while flying in the air,  it draws more attention as compared to non-moving banners and posters. In current days, banner s and posters are often looked past as part of the environment. The human brain is hardwired for motion. When we notice something moving, we take a pause and evaluate the thing that was moving. By having an air dancing tube,  it attracts people to know and even better, visit your business.

Not only can the dancing tube be used for marketing purposes, but it can also be implemented in events such as sports day, business openings and any festive events. By having dancing tubes at your event, it will instantly hype up the atmosphere of the event and making it more extravagant!

Take a look at some of our past dancing tube  events :

Air dancing tube Singapore Dancing balloon Singapore Air puppet Singapore Air pupper Singapore rental

Want a dancing tube or a dancing air puppet for your event now? We got that covered for you at a low and affordable cost that will definitely be worthwhile!

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Inflatable dragon playground 1

Dragon Playground Bouncy Castles Rental in Singapore

Pretty sure all you Singaporeans out there remember this dragon playground that probably was 80% of our childhood. 

This Dragon shaped playground was popular in Singapore back in the days. It was located in Ang Mo Kio and Toa Payoh however, to date only the one in Toa Payoh still exists. It was a dragon playground with sandy grounds that all kids enjoy playing at. It was the joy of all childhood.

Dragon Playground Bouncy Castles

Party People is offering the inflatable version of the dragon playground! This means that not only will you be able to relieve and reminisce your childhood but also, have a whole lot of fun jumping and bouncing around the inflatable! Here’s some photos of our Dragon Playground Bouncy Castles Rental in Singapore:

Inflatable dragon playground for rental in Singapore Inflatable dragon playground for rentalInflatable dragon playground 1

The good news is that our inflatable dragon playground is going at an affordable rate that you will not be able to find elsewhere! It will definitely be a value for money rental that brings you lots of joy and waves of laughter.

Looking for other designs of our inflatables? Take a look at our list of bouncy castles rental we have on our website or contact us today by simply clicking the button below or simply WhatsApp or email our friendly sales assistant for more information!

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Balloon sculpture for shops

Balloon Decorations For Your Event Space

Apart from the wonderful and fun carnival games and equipment, the delicious and mouth-watering live food stations and our talented talents that presents to you their designated strengths. We also provide you with fanciful balloon decorations that will definitely enhance your event space to one that is much more amazing than it already is!

customised balloon column

Having a school or large-scale event coming up and have no clue on what decorations should you have? Here’s something we can offer to that ! We have really nice balloon decorations such as balloon columns and balloon arch that you can customize to your likings and preferences such that it suits your event theme !

Room styling in singapore

In the midst of planning a proposal for your lifetime partner? We have room styling packages where we enhance the romantic and sweet vibes in your event space! Imagine hearing the ‘ Yes I Do ’ under the dim-lit candles with balloons everywhere and lighted wording that writes “ will you marry me? ” Isn’t that lovely?

Balloon Palm Tree Decor

Want something customized and unique that can stand out ? We do have balloon sculptures specially customized to your requests. We will transform the balloons into sculptures of your favorite objects or even for your occasion.

Catering to you at any requests or events you have!

Looking for more options or want more to choose from? We do have more to for you to choose from! Be it balloon columns or balloon arches or room styling or balloon sculptures or wall decorations and backdrops, we have a huge variety for you to choose from!

Party People is proud work with the top balloon decorations company in Singapore, That Balloons! We offer the best balloon decoration packages at the best rates in town!

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Santa mascot

Santa Claus For Hire In Singapore 2020

Have you heard? 

The voices of Christmas carols being sung and the beautiful Christmas Lights lighted up at Orchard as you hit the town. This shows that it is a sign of Christmas – our yearly gift-giving season!

Santa Claus For Hire

Santa Mascot for Hire SingaporeAs sung in the song ” it’s the season to be jolly ~ falalalala lalalala”. Christmas is a festive occasion that many look forward to especially for the kids. As they live in their fantasy dream of receiving a gift from Santa, this would be just the right way to fulfil their inner kid’s dream.

Presenting to you…

Santa Claus Appearance for Hire


At only $138, you will be able to hire our 20 minutes Santa Claus Mascot Appearance Package which consists of : 

            • Photo taking session
            • Santa gift-giving
            • Interaction with Santa
            • 20 Minutes of fun-filled time with Santa

All you have to do is to simply prepare your presents and engage us! Then, Santa will come knocking on your doors this Christmas.

Let this Christmas be different.


Fulfil your kid’s dream of receiving a gift from Santa on Christmas. What better way than having Santa over at your house right?

Here’s an example of how the process is like for a 7pm booking:

  • 6.50pm – 7pm (Pass the presents to our crew member at the lobby)
  • 7pm (Santa Claus knock on your door)
  • 7pm – 7.10pm (Receive presents from Santa Claus)
  • 7.10pm – 7.20pm (Photo-taking with Santa Claus)
  • 7.20pm (Santa Claus leave)

New Gingerbread Man and Nutcracker Mascot Costume now available for hire!

Gingerbread man and Nutcracker mascot costume rental singapore

Contact us and reserve your slot today by simply clicking the button below or simply WhatsApp or email our friendly sales assistant for more information!

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IMG 20201009 WA0018

Popcorn & Candy Floss To Fill Your Stomachs!

Party People offers a large variety of live food booths that will definitely suit your sweet tooth and please your guests at an event. Ever heard of the phrase ” Full stomach, happy thoughts”? That’s right! When you have a full stomach, you tend to have a more satisfying feeling and this will allow your guests to enjoy and have a blast at your event!

Live food stations

Live food stations are food that are made and cooked live right in front of you! The food will be served to you hot and freshly made and you will be able to taste it at its freshest and most delicious state. Live food stations have been commonly seen in events now such as a corporate events, weddings or even birthday parties to fill the guest’s stomachs with some toothsome snacks and food.

Let me introduce to you to our top 2 favorite live food booths that is always in demand :

Popcorn live food station

Popcorn Live Food Station 

Popcorn food station has always been one of our hot favorites that are always in demand. It serves warm, crunchy and sweet popcorns that you can grab and munch during the event. With the live station, you can see and hear the sounds of the popping popcorns that are cooked.

Cotton Candy Food Station for rental

Cotton Candy Live Food Station

Apart from popcorns, our cotton candy live food station also is one of the top favorites of many. You’ll get to see live soft and fluffy cotton candy forming right before your eyes on a chopstick before being served to you.

Just a little tip for you: If you are getting both popcorn and candy floss machines, you will get a discount! Simply mention it to our friendly staff and they will give you a discounted package that will definitely be worth your money!

Can’t have live food stations for your upcoming event? Party People now offers the cheapest prepackaged popcorn and candy floss made fresh in hot-sealed cups as well!

Want more options to choose from? Fret not! We have over 40 live food stations for you to choose from and you will definitely find your favorite food in it!

Contact us today by simply clicking the button below or simply WhatsApp or email our friendly sales assistant for more information!


Window Art station for kids

Window Art Station for Your Kid’s to get Their Hands On!

Art and crafts are activities that usually involve making things with their own hands. It is a way especially for kids to express themselves creatively while creating their own artwork. Kids love getting crafty with these hands-on art and crafts activities.

Do your kids love getting their hands on smudging paints on walls or drawing blocks? Or do they enjoy colouring on their colouring book with crayons and colour pencils?

Now here’s a piece of great news we have for you :

Art and Craft Activities

We know that in the midst of Covid, your kids can no longer visit art shops to do their usual window art and sand art that they always loved to do in shopping malls. Thus, we have come out with affordable art and craft activities that you can do in the comfort of your home!

Window Art Station Singapore

Window Art for birthday

We are now offering you our window art station at a really affordable price that you will not find elsewhere!

Window Art has always been one of the favorites for kids. It is a cheap alternative for your kid to unleash their artistic talent through having to paint the colors into the designs that they have chosen.  Mix and match the colors and you will get a brand new color to fill your design!  With our variety of window art designs, there will definitely be one of your favorite to work on!

Here are some photos that we have taken from our latest event!

Feel free to contact our friendly sales assistant and find out the different art and craft party packages we offer as well!