Rent Nostalgic Arcade Games In Singapore

Rent Nostalgic Arcade Machines In Singapore 2023


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Nostalgic Arcade Machines

Are you looking for a nostalgic and retro appeal for your next celebration? Well, then look further ahead towards Party People! We offer various old school arcade games rental for parties and events in Singapore!

arcade machines for rental star vista

As we offer a one-stop destination to plan and execute your big days with a bang without regrets! May it be corporate festivity, school events, or an exciting party, our versatile and diverse set of arcade machines rental is perfect for social interactions, endless entertainment, and evoking nostalgia from within, presenting visitors of all ages with a trip down memory lane! Let’s look at our arcade games rental below!

Daytona USA Arcade Machine

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Love racing? Challenge your friends and family through the mountains and add a competitive element to find out who really stands on top! For anyone who grew up in the 1990s arcade gaming era, this racing arcade machine rental has a particular place in the hearts of arcade gamers and is a mainstay at many arcades, so do watch out for them as they dominate their way through each competitor!

Arcade Air Hockey Table

Cheap Air Hockey Machine for Rental

Are you new to arcade games rental? Look no further than the thrilling, fast-paced air hockey arcade machine, the centerpiece of the golden age of arcades! A simple concept yet exciting gameplay, air hockey will surely improve your hand-eye coordination as it requires quick reflexes because a moment of lost focus might just make you lose a point! With stunning visual appeal and neon aesthetics, the vibrant colors and eye-catching designs of the neon lights will enhance your party’s atmosphere and stimulate guests’ excitement!

Dance Dance Revolution (DDR) Arcade Machine

dance dance revolution for rent

Love Music? Prepare to dance and embrace the rhythm as you step onto the platform and feel the beat in your heart! With an extensive range of song catalog spanning across different eras and generations of music! The DDR arcade machine is sure to be a blast for all ages and enchant your guests with an unforgettable beat that will bring life to your party!

Bishi Bashi Arcade Machinebishibashi popular arcade game for parties

Feeling competitive? The Bishi Bashi Arcade game encourages a carnival of fun with multiplayer interactions and has over 20 mini games filled with unpredictable challenges that are sure to keep players on their toes! It’s the perfect option to forge bonds at parties, gatherings, and events as players gather around a vibrant space that is sure to create memories that will last forever!

House Of The Dead Arcade Machine

shooting arcade machine house of the dead

Scared of the dead? Discover the “House of the Dead” arcade machine’s captivating experience, thrilling action, and everlasting appeal! With immersive storytelling, unravel the undead mystery as you annihilate zombies along the way and feel the forceful recoil in your arms with every gunshot! The game’s intense horror atmosphere brings tension and excitement to your party, promoting social interaction by serving as a focal point where guests may congregate and support one another!

King Of The Hammer Arcade machine Rental

king of the hammer

Are you feeling strong? Step up, grab the giant hammer, and smash your way through the good times! Feel the exhilarating adrenaline pumping into you with every strike at this classic arcade games! With quick round rotations, everyone at your party will surely wield the hammer with multiple strikes, which will definitely foster a feeling of achievement and promote healthy competition with gigs and laughter that add a layer of excitement to your event!

Arcade Play Zone Concept

Rent Nostalgic Arcade Games In Singapore

Where is a better place to relax after a long day than the arcade? Here at Party People, we aim to provide an unforgettable immersive classic arcade experience that serves as a social hub for everyone to come together and spread the love of arcades, building relationships and creating a memorable impression in the hearts of guests. The Arcade Play Zone vision is a gateway to a world of happiness, community, and shared experiences rather than merely a place to play arcade games! You’re not simply engaging in activities when you enter the play zone’s vibrant environment; you’re entering a world of limitless excitement. So gather your tokens, hit the start button, and let the exciting and captivating arcade play zone take you on an immersive journey of amusement! Click here to look at all the arcade machines we offer for rent!

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