Prepacked popcorn Singapore

Party Prepacked Popcorns Delivery in Singapore

Do you crave for popcorns here and there especially when you are binge-watching your favorite Kdrama or  Netflix shows? Do you always purchase popcorns as midday snacks just so that you can munch on them whenever you feel like it?

Prepacked popcorn Singapore

Party Prepacked Popcorns Delivery

Truth to be told, popcorns are not as unhealthy as it may seem to be. Freshly pre-packed popcorns are way healthier than the microwavable bags of popcorn. Freshley popped popcorns are made in batches with purely oil, corns, and sugar. Thus, you do not have to worry about processed food items or any additives in the popcorn.

Not only that,  prepacked popcorns are pocket friendly!  It does not cost much to get a cup of popcorns in recent days and there has been a huge variety of popcorns brands coming up available for you to choose from. At Party People, we offer you popcorns that are freshly popped and hot sealed in a 12oz cup ready for your snacking!

Also, popcorns are perfect for on the go. Our popcorns are placed in 12 oz cups and are hand packed. Thus it will be easy for you to carry on the go. If you are having an event, your guests will be able to munch the popcorns while roving around as they please and even bring it home conveniently.

Pre Pack Popcorn for Sale

Party People is now offering you prepacked snacks and live food stations that you can now have at your event! Be it whether it is for your wedding, birthday party, corporate event or just having a blessing pack for your friends, families or staff in the company, we can now bring these prepacked popcorns to you wherever you are!

To enquire, simply WhatsApp or email our friendly sales assistant for more information! If you are looking for other party packages/activities that are not listed above, let us know as well! Otherwise, you can click on the button below to enquire now!

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