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Party Balloon Decorations in Singapore

Thinking of how to make your event or party much more lively? Don’t worry,  Party people offers you Party Balloon Decorations in Singapore that will make your party or event much more value! We have a range from simple decorations for birthday parties to a large scale balloon landscape design. Our artists have done it all! If you are looking for customized balloon decoration for your upcoming party, We are able to do it as well! Below are the different examples of what we have done!

Organic Balloon Garland Decoration

Garland is a band or chain of flowers, foliage, and leaves joined at the ends to form a circle (wreath) or it can be worn on the head (chaplet), or even draped in loops (festoon or swag). This organic balloon garland decoration a recurrent motif in classical and Renaissance paintings and relief sculptures.

Organic Balloon Garland

giraffe and monkey balloon arch

Looking for a jungle theme balloon decoration for your kid’s upcoming birthday party? We have the award-winning balloon arch, Giraffe & Monkey Balloon Arch for you. Your guests will definitely impress by your wise choice by getting it for your upcoming party. The balloon arch serves as an entranced decoration for your guest to identify where is the event.

Balloon pillar Decoration

Instead of the balloon arch you usually see, we also have the balloon pillar decoration for you. These balloon columns served as a decorative pillars at your event. By having these pillars at your event or party, it can also hype up your event and you do not need to worry that it will take up a lot of space.

premium number balloon display

What is a party without a balloon decoration? Balloon will never go wrong with events and parties so what are you waiting for? We are able to do a number balloon display for your party or event!


Premium Balloon Number 30 Decor DisplayNumber Balloon Display

Personalised balloon

We offer personalised balloon that suits your theme of the event or party! Whether it’s a birthday, graduation, anniversary or any celebration event, personalised balloon is a great way to send your greetings to your loved ones! Get your message written on the balloons and complete it with a bundle of helium balloons!

Balloon arch decoration

Looking for the best balloon arch decorations in Singapore? Our balloon artists have done hundreds of different balloon arch decorations at various venue in Singapore over the past few years! We are also known for customising the balloon arch to fit the theme of your event!

Star balloon arch Singapore

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