Spin the Wheel Rental

Lucky Draw Games Rental

Here in Singapore, customers still love spending when it comes to winning a lucky draw gift from a purchase! Whether it’s a simple spin the wheel or simply dropping a receipt into a lucky draw box, it always feel good to participate knowing there’s a chance of winning a prize! Here are some of the lucky draw games rental is suitable for your upcoming roadshow events!

Spin the Wheel Carnival Game

Our spin the wheel equipment is fully customisable! Let your customers spin the wheel and experience the anxious feeling upon hearing the sound when the wheel is going to stop! This is also the cheapest lucky draw equipment rental we offer!

Spin the Wheel Rental

Gashapon Machine Rental (Small)

Our gashapon machine is another great way for customer to win a small lucky draw prize that is able to fit into a 5cm capsule ball! Instead of physical prizes, you can also place vouchers in the capsule balls as well!

Small Gashapon Machine Rental

Gashapon Machine Rental (Big)

If you are looking for a bigger capsule ball dispenser machine, we have one that is able to dispense 100cm capsule ball! Fully customisable as well, these capsule balls can even fit a small soft toys inside as well! If you are unsure if your prizes is able to fit, feel free to make an appointment with us to view the capsule balls!

Our 100mm capsule balls also come with different colours from clear, red, yellow, green, blue, purple, pink and black.

Customised Gashapon Machine Rental Large Gashapon Machine Rental

Claw Machine Rental

Claw Machine is great for roadshow event as it features your branding well. We have great response from our client using this claw machine to get the attention of every passer-by at their roadshow event!

Claw Machine Singapore

Giant Human Claw Machine Rental

If you have a larger space and a higher budget, you can choose to rent our giant human claw machine instead! We Guarantee  to get everyone’s attention when your customer is playing this giant claw machine!

Human Claw Machine Rental Singapore

Fun Fair Games Rental

Fun fair games is one of the traditional method to get customer pay and have a chance to win a small prize. Here are some of the carnival games we offer that is suitable for lucky draw activity:

Ping Pong Rolldown Fun Fair Game Rental

Ping Pong Rolldown

Roll a Ball Fun Fair Game Rental Singapore

Roll a Ball

Basket Ball Toss Game Rental

Basket Toss

To enquire, simply WhatsApp or email our friendly sales assistant for more information! If you are looking for other lucky draw equipment that are not listed above, let us know as well!

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