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How to Plan a Birthday Party in Singapore 2021

Planning a birthday party during pandemic? Yes, it can be done! Here’s how to plan a birthday party in Singapore 2021 with some 6 different ideas and tips! Party People has planned and managed hundreds of big and small parties over the last few years. During the pandemic in 2020 and 2021, we are now shifting to smaller party ideas for kids who want to celebrate their special day with friends and family!

Plan a birthday party in Singapore 2021

How to Plan a Birthday Party in Singapore 2021

During the pandemic, the budget we save on hiring a venue can now be splurge on other party rental and items. When it comes to party planning in Singapore, we have to consider the 3 most important things to have:

Balloon Decorations

Organic Balloon Decorations for Party Singapore

Balloons always make a party feel festive and bring up the mood at a party! Instead of filling up the whole venue with balloons, focus on decorating the area where you are hosting your cake cutting ceremony and photo-taking!

Food and Drinks

During the pandemic, we are unable to order and serve self-service buffet to our guest. However, you can still order a dessert table, live food stations, fast food delivery or simply cook a nice meal for everyone at your party!


Planning a smaller birthday party during the pandemic doesn’t mean taking away the fun! There are many other fun activities and party rental you can hire for small birthday parties:

Bouncy Castles

Small Bouncy Castle Rental Singapore

Party People offers over 20 different bouncy castles rental to choose from. From small bouncy castle that is able to fit into a HDB Flat, to large bouncy castle that fits at the back of your garden, you can be sure to find 1 that your kids love!

Ball Pit

Rainbow Ball Pit Rental Singapore

One of our most popular party rental is our colourful lego ball pit with slide! From small ball pit to a giant size ball pit, our ball pit is customisable that will definitely fit into the space you have!

Water Inflatables

Inflatable Water Obstacle Rental Singapore

If you are planning a pool party in your home, our popular water inflatables rental may just be what you are looking for! Our modular water obstacle course and our new inflatable stepping stone are the 2 most popular water inflatables that we currently offer!

Art and Craft Activities

Window Art station for kids

Party People offers a wide range of art and craft activities! During the pandemic, we have provide various art and craft workshop at parties such as sand art, window art, photo frame making, slime workshop and even balloon sculpting workshop!

Arcade Games

Air Hockey Table Rental Singapore

Hire your favourite arcade games rental to surprise your family and friends! Party People have many popular arcade machines such as arcade basketball and claw machine, to many rare retro arcade games such as house of the dead and Daytona racing game!

Magic Show

Who says you can’t have a magic show for your party? Yes, we offer interactive virtual magic show for your kids to enjoy! For the very first time, you can enjoy magic from the screen! It’s not a pre-recorded video nor it’s a “camera-effect” magic, but your kids gets to interactive with the magician on screen!

Additional Tips – Music

Game Hosting by Game Master

Fun Games Hosting

Always have a background music at your party to prevent hearing surrounding “noise” that may be annoying to some of the guest. Play a background music from your speaker, or simply hire our simple speaker that is suitable for small party!

Still unsure of what to have at your party? Contact our friendly sales assistant, Bella, for a free consultation to find out how we can help assist your event today!

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*For small parties, we do not charge any party planning fees!

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