Disinfectant Machine

Party People provide sale of disinfectant machine for sale in Singapore! We are an affiliated company of Dif Solutions, the top disinfectant machine specialist in Singapore. Keep your place clean and safe for your kids and family with our disinfectant machine. Below are the disinfectant products that are available:

Disinfectant Machine for Sale

Fast disinfection with our disinfectant misting technology. Using ultrasonic Wave Atomization, liquid is broken into fine mist of uniform micron sized droplets, after it exits the atomizing surface. Our disinfectant solution oxidizes molecules in the cells of the germs and kills them effectively! Below are the rates

= $1980/machine (up to $2680/-)

Price includes delivery, set up and 1 year warranty.
Complimentary 5 litres bottle of Disinfectant when you purchase from Party People

Disinfectant Machine Rental Singapore

Disinfectant Machine for Sale

Disinfectant Misting Gate Rental

Disinfectant misting gate is applicable for school, childcare centre, tuition centre, indoor playground, shopping malls, offices, hotels, events and many more! Party People offer our disinfectant gate for sale and rental in Singapore! Below are the rates:

=$800/1st day rental, $200/subsequent day (exclude disinfectant and manpower)
1 hour (continuously without stop) – Requires approximately 5 Litres of Disinfectant ($99/10 litre bottle)

Disinfectant Gate Rental Singapore

Disinfectant Misting Gate for Sale

Design and size customisation available for our disinfectant misting gate. Simply contact our sales assistant for more information.

Disinfectant Misting Gate for Sale


Customised Disinfectant Misting Gate

Please contact our sales assistant for customised size and design of our disinfectant misting gate.

Disinfectant Liquid Solutions

We are the official reseller of Spick disinfectant liquid solution.

  • Suitable for use on sensitive skin.
  • Does not contain any chemical fragrances.
  • No alcohol, no SLS/SLES (soap or foaming agents),no parabens & other preservatives.
  • Kills many odor-producing bacteria and fungi. We do not “mask” odors.
  • Contains no harmful phenols, alcohols or aldehydes.
  • Successfully completed oral toxicity tests at TÜV SÜD PSB and was determined to be safe when accidentally consumed.

5 Litres Bottle – $59/-
4 bottles or more – $50/bottle

Discounted rates are available if you wish to purchase 10 bottles or more.

Disinfectant Liquid Solution for Sale


For more information of our disinfectant solution, you can visit DIF Solutions to find out more!