Prepackaged Popcorn Supplier in Singapore

Cheapest Popcorn Live Station 2022

Price have been increasing since the start of the year 2022, but Party People popcorn rates remain at the lowest in Singapore! Introducing the cheapest popcorn live station 2022! We use the very best popcorn and oil shipped directly from USA, which is also the same supplies that various cinemas are using as well!

Cheapest Popcorn Live Station 2022

Below are the few popcorn services we offer:

Popcorn Live Station

Live popcorn station Singapore

Our popcorn live stations starts from just $238 (2 hours) that is inclusive of:

  • Delivery of popcorn machine
  • Installation and set up
  • 1x Popcorn operator
  • Free-flow of popcorn servings
  • All necessary materials
  • Collection of machine

Subsequent hour is only at $60/hour! More information of our popcorn live station here!

Popcorn Machine Rental

Party People rent popcorn machine without manpower as well. Simply let us know the duration required and you are set! Our team will prepare a big container of popcorn seed, sugar and oil that is enough to last for the duration you hired.

Live popcorn machine

Live popcorn station Rental Popcorn for rent Live popcorn food station

Pre-packed Popcorn for Sale

Pre-packed popcorn starts from just $2/pax, and price gets even lower when you do a bulk order of 200pax or more! Our pre-packaged popcorn comes in a hot-sealed cup, prepare fresh 1 – 2 days before we deliver! Our pre-packed popcorn stays fresh for about 7 days.

Pre Packed Popcorn in Singapore

Other than pre-packed popcorn, we have pre-packed candy floss as well! Price is the same as popcorn.

Pre Packaged Cotton Candy

Pre-packed popcorn and candy floss as goodie bags!

Prepacked goodie bag

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