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Arcade and Carnival Games Rental

Looking for something entertaining, engaging and electrifying? Party People offers wide range of cheap arcade and carnival games rental for parties and events in Singapore. We are well equipped with all in-house equipment and game booths for rental!  We have over 400 party equipment rental so you can be assured to find what you need when engaging our services.

Arcade and Carnival games allow us to enjoy a sense of nostalgia. When we play video games, we enjoy an activity that takes us back to our childhood. That sense of nostalgia can be just as much fun as the game you are playing. Arcade and games for adults are the perfect way to enjoy some relaxation time. 

Arcade and Carnival Games Rental

Arcade machines Rental

Ever thought of renting an arcade machine for your upcoming party or event? Watch as players lift the mallet over their heads and give their everything smashing the King of The Hammer. The stronger you smash, the higher the disc shoots up! Gather your friends and see who is the strongest among all! Try the Arcade King of The Hammer now! To add some masculinity to your events and parties!

Party People have over 50 in-house arcade games for sale and rental. Other than claw machines, we also offer Gashapon machines, human claw machine where the Guests will be lifted into the air on a crane-like device as they are dipped into a pit full of tempting prizes. We are also able to customize the claw machine to suit your theme of the event and increase your brand awareness!

Human Claw Machine Rental Singapore

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Carnival Games Rental

Ever wanted to turn your event into a carnival? We got you covered! Our carnival games stall is a must have for your event in Singapore! Interactive fun-filled carnival game stalls for both adults and children with small prizes are available! With a wide range of games available here, we provide the best carnival game rental in Singapore. We have 4 categories (traditional games, carnival box games, premium games, inflatable games) to choose from! From $100/stall (Minimum 3 stalls)

Customised Spin the Wheel of Fortune Rental Singapore Tic Tac Toe Cheap Carnival Game Stall Rental Pretzel Toss Customised Carnival Game Stall Rental


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  1. Marcus Ee says:

    Hi, I am looking to rent a human claw machine for 2 days over a weekend on 10 & 11 June for an event. Could you provide me with a quotation, thank you!

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